Customer Management (CRM)
by Justin Hamilton
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We make Improvements to your bottom line and future-proof your business. 

Your active sales team creates a deluge of data. Reps are out on the road gathering vital customer data – but all too frequently, making maintenance difficult?


Get more from your CRM; we can help you automate and customize your CRM to help you get more done in less time. 



CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implementation entails customizing the CRM system's capabilities to suit the company's requirements. As a result, we can ensure that your company's CRM installation requirements for enhanced sales, leads, and customer experience are addressed. In addition, employee training and the shift from conventional work culture to a modern approach to managing work and customer connections are met. 


Our CRM Implementation Services

  1. Choosing CRM: CRM selection comprises examining your present company's needs and discovering CRM solutions that match those needs. During this stage, we do a situation analysis that considers both internal and external elements and SWOT analysis and map out the best option for you.
  2. CRM Configuration: The ability to employ out-of-the-box functionalities to achieve business goals is referred to as configuration. CRM is set up to allow safe data access at various levels. For example, security Roles, which enable you to tailor the depth of access, may be used at the record level. We work on all stages of a project, from pre-sales and market research to project management, integrated production, and on-demand maintenance.
  3. CRM Customization: We then tailor it to your specific needs and requirements. To begin, custom fields are added to CRM entities like leads, contacts, and opportunities to gather additional data that isn't available through normal forms. Modifying current sales and marketing automation technology to develop unique scenarios relevant to the client's company is the second type of customization. The third type of customization is bespoke integration with non-CRM goods and services. For example, CRM and accounting software integration.
  4. CRM Data Migration and Integration: We migrate your data from your old CRM system to a new CRM system. We analyze the data you want to keep unchanged, reorganize, alter, or even eliminate when moving to a new CRM platform. In addition, we provide point-to-point integration. We specialize in data transfer and CRM solution integration for customer-facing, back-office, and Internet applications.

Nurturing the right system that will automate your sales and customer service functions

We Analyze Your Goals and Processes: It's a good idea to discuss your objectives before we begin our market research. What do you need from your CRM system? Are you looking for a way to assist your sales staff nurture leads, improve customer service, or save time on administrative tasks? Instead of changing your process, an ideal CRM system will integrate with the way you do business now. You want a tool that helps you grow your business, not one that forces you to restructure your procedures to fit its needs. Hence, the examination. 

Let us help you do more in less time. 

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