Informational Websites
by Justin Hamilton

Think of an informational website as a business card on the internet

We Establish Your Online Presence

Get your information out there for the world to see! From small businesses to massive enterprises, you need your information available for people to find what you have! 

What is an Informational Website?

When it comes to functionality, an informational website may be the most basic of all. Complex functionality, third-party integrations, or eCommerce capabilities aren't required for these sites, so the emphasis is on the content, and we help you express your unique story. An informational website's main purpose is to explain the "who," "what," "how," and "why" of a business or organization to their internet audience.

When we build an informational website, we build it future-ready with the capability to grow and add new features as your business grows and has new requirements.

Our design and development process:

Considering the Features and Purpose of Your Website
The design of a website without a plan is like creating a building without the architect. We will schedule a meeting to understand your expectations on the output and prepare our planning. We like site visits, and it is ideal for us to meet you at your facility, but we are also happy to meet virtually. Here are some factors that we explore to design an informative website.

What are the necessary website features?

What is the purpose of constructing a site for you?

Who's your target market?

 Once we have answers to these questions, we’ll be prepared to enter the website's development process.

Building the HomePage's Layout and Navigation
We, as experts, understand the significance of layout and navigation in website creation. A good and straightforward homepage makes the user feel at ease and comfortable. Therefore, we design the layout of your website so that visitors can easily browse through it.

  • We will work with you to design a look that speaks to you.
  • We design the page's layout to show your users a clear call to action.

Working on Content that will display to the Targeted Audience.

In the development of informational websites, content plays significant importance. We will work with you to build a website content strategy to help keep your site relevant to your target market. Consistent content plays a huge role in ranking at the top of Google Searches.

Hamilton Development Company, LLC provides premium solutions for all of your needs. So let's get started today! 

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