Inventory Systems (IMS)
by Justin Hamilton
June 14

Track inventory and Manage Transactions — One Inventory System to operate all your activities. 

Managing inventory doesn't have to be painful or time-consuming.
Inventory is constantly fluctuating. Sales, transfers, restocks, new items, and even damage and theft affect your inventory levels throughout the day. While challenging, good inventory management and inventory control are the most vital jobs in any retail or wholesale business. Unfortunately, inventory management becomes more difficult to handle as your company grows and the amount of inventory you oversee grows. Using technology to your advantage can make life easier for you and your staff. This is why a customized inventory management system makes sense for your business.
Warehouse Management
Our inventory systems can centrally control stock in various warehouses. Track movements for products, transfer items to warehouses, and generate storage reports.

  • Move your supplies: Distribute your products through various warehouses and fulfill your order immediately upon placement by customers. 
  • Reduce the risk: Minimize your risk factors by having your stock in several storage facilities helps to limit risk in the event of a disaster.
  • Build your inventory: Keep track of your high dollar, long lead time items across your enterprise.
  • Cycle Count / Physical Inventory: It is good practice to validate that your inventory controls are working and provide the tools to do it right.
Inventory Tracking
Keep an eye on supplies, goods delivered, and even expiry dates with the Hamilton Inventory System's serial and batch tracking functionality.

  • Track each item: Assign distinct serial numbers, lot numbers, batch numbers, expirations, etc., to each product so that you can monitor them distinctly.
  • Control FIFO: Consume your inventory the right way and improve the quality for your customers.
  • Get product statistics instantly: Scan a product or input your serial or batch number for immediate access to all its info. 
Barcode / RFID / NFC / AR
Use the right tools to keep your enterprise on track.

  • Enhanced accuracy: Scanning takes the guesswork out of your inventory. Know exactly what is where, as easy as pointing and clicking.
  • Batch & Serial number tracking: Modern barcodes and rf systems can store and provide a lot of useful information. With a quick scan, you can know the part number, serial, batch/lot number, and virtually any other information you can think of.
  • Precise stock monitoring: By adding solid scanning controls, it is easy to know when minimums are reached and trigger orders automatically.
Order Management 
Manage Suppliers and Customer Orders in one place.

  • Faster Packaging & Shipping: Create packages, print packaging slips automatically, and get real-time shipping costs.
  • Track shipments: Monitor package movement keep everyone up-to-date. 
  • Generate comprehensive reports: Identify your most profitable item or keep an eye out of your competition by monitoring the buying and sales order trends for informed selections.
Learn about your inventory depreciation, vendor payments, shipment details, and inventory valuation using various reports that can be conveniently printed, downloaded, and shared.

  • Live View: See your operation at a glance. Segmented Inventory Values, Customer Orders, Supplier Shipments, Inventory Turnover, Days On Hand, Age of Inventory, FIFO reports, Audit Scheduling

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